About us

Formed in mid 2002, txtNation's services enable you to take full advantage of the massive revenue opportunities presented by the staggering growth of the worldwide mobile messaging market; i) SMS, ii) MMS.

Enable your business to the power of mobile messaging and let txtNation take you to new heights with our complete range of mobile solutions.

In the last couple of years, not only has the Internet become very present in our lives, the mobile phone market has expanded at high speed. The mobile content business is becoming a growing market to be further exploited and one which can easily provide a lucrative way of making extra money.

The mobile phone market needs no introduction. Who hasn't got mobile hardware connected to the public phone network? What more and more consumers really want is practical applications and high quality entertainment content.

Our vision
txtNation has established the standard with its truly effective and advanced mobile marketing system based on up-to-date expertise and technology required for effective mobile advertising.

Our goal is to be a leader in mobile messaging provision and marketing by constantly expanding our expertise and utilising our vast experience in the fields of mobile solutions.

Our growth
txtNation will continue to grow as we aim to develop into a truly global company that specialises in providing total mobile messaging solutions.

For more information see www.txtnation.com.
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