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Getting Started
What is mPUSH?

mPUSH means 'Mobile Push'. mPUSH enables all website and media publishers to mobilise their content directly to readers mobile phones. By opening up a new simple to integrate channel for all of your content, you create additional revenue streams, increased functionality and enhanced customer experience.

Our mPUSH model enables content providers to offer premium services that will deliver real revenues now and into the future. mPUSH will extend your business to the mobile phone user, serving extra revenues via; txt, images, video, and sound.

txtNation has developed this technology in response to consumer demand for content to their mobile phone. Your media content and txtNation's mobile infrastructure working in tandem for a complete mobile solution.

How do I get started?
As soon as you register, your username and full login details automatically activate the mPUSH service. Instantly you will be able to upload your content, so immediately consumers can request this to their mobile phones.

What does it mean 'to push' information?
mPUSH allows you to 'push' forward information directly to a user�s mobile, which allows them to capture the information as their own. Rather than your content remaining fixed (Internet, their PC or other sources) it becomes fluid delivering benefits to you in terms of extra revenue and branding, and benefits to the user through empowerment.

Users do not have to be concerned about needing more memory on their device, like a phone or Palm.

How does mPUSH help mobile phone users?
mPUSH acts on user's needs and desires by enabling them with information on the move, where ever they are. Not only do users want content for pure information; status and entertainment are also key drivers. Users also have total control over the information that they would like to see on their mobile device. mPUSH allows users the flexibility of service options that are suited to the mobile device.

What makes mPUSH software unique?
mPUSH acts on what a user will want to receive. For example a user will go to a car shop online, then send to mobile to which the user can then either i) call the company, ii) save the information for use at a later date, or iii) request more similar information. The information can be as a combination of text, picture, video and audio.

When do I see it start running?
From the moment you have set-up the service you will be able to see it in action.


Account Set-up
How do I set up and view my account?

You can view your campaign reports by simply logging in. To monitor your success. Full information reports are provided.


How much does it cost?

We offer varying set-up costs for mPUSH based on the service you would like to have set-up. Please request the pricing brochure for more information.

Does VAT apply?
Yes. In response to the emerging electronic business environment, European Union (EU) member states have modified the rules for applying VAT to certain digital services, including Internet and Mobile advertising. When such services are consumed within the EU, they are subject to VAT. Therefore, all mPUSH accounts with EU billing addresses are subject to VAT as of 1st July 2003.

mPUSH charges VAT where legally required or when VAT registration has not yet been verified. You are responsible for VAT charges to your account even if you are later determined to be exempt from further VAT charges. Additionally, you cannot reclaim from txtNation such payments you have made, which will be considered as fees for services rendered.

Who can I contact with VAT questions?
For general questions about how VAT affects your txtNation mPUSH account, you can email

For technical questions about VAT registration in EU member states you should consult your tax adviser.

What kind of reports will I get?
We do not currently mail invoices or reports, but you can access your personal reports online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view your campaign), including impressions.

We make every effort to provide 100% accurate reports; therefore, no measurements other than those maintained by txtNation shall be accepted for reporting or payment purposes. If the reports you receive from txtNation do not coincide with your own, there are a number of possible explanations. First, be sure you're comparing the same reporting time periods. If there are still discrepancies, contact us immediately.


How can I ensure my content gets displayed?

You can ensure you content is displayed by ensuring that your data is clear, concise and relevant.

How can I optimise my campaign performance?
Again, by making sure that your data is clear, concise and relevant. Also by ensuring that the data that you provide is set-up using the CMS.

What if my content doesn't meet the guidelines?
If we see that your content does not meet our guidelines, we will let you know and offer suggestions on how to improve your ads. Often, our system will automatically detect when your ads should be refined. In this case, you may receive a message when you create your ads.

Do subscribers need more memory on their phone?
No. It is all stored on a request basis.

How do I add the software to my site / media?
The solution can be easily implemented in minutes. No programming knowledge is required.

Our unique 'Send to my mobile' solution is a simple hyperlink that can be positioned anywhere, next to any type of information. Users click on the button, and then confirm as an SMS message. Then, mPUSH technology sends the information.

Does this work with a personal digital assistant (PDA)?
mPUSH will be available through a PDA in the future.

Step-by-step guide
1. Register your details online. The company name you enter will become your 'request code' (the keyword a user sends to 60999 to trigger receiving your content). Company names with more than one word become one word without spaces. e.g. txtNation mSolutions is automatically aligned to txtnationmsolutions.
2. Make a note of your login and password, should you loose it please contact
3. Proceed to 'manage your account'.
4. The standard free service provides 2 core mPUSH options, i) to create txt (sms) messages to mPUSH or ii) upload images (mms) to mPUSH.
5. You also have options of how much to bill the user for receiving the content.
6. One uploaded to the mPUSH server, your content is mobile enabled by sending an SMS using the code displayed beneath your image.
7. By displaying the code and instructional command with your content, your content can immediately bee seen by the public.
8. Our unique 'Send to my mobile' solution is a simple hyperlink that can be positioned anywhere, next to any type of content. Users click on the button, to provide a pop-up window displaying a preview, the cost and the simple instructions for that piece of content.

To avoid using the upload engine, simply paste the code displayed under your pictures on your website html. The code is a standard html format that submits the file to our engine. A pop-up will also appear under the picture giving a preview and instructions of how to send.


mPUSH Standards
How secure is my information?
Information always remains your own. We make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information you provide. txtNation uses industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect every interaction you have with the mPUSH system.

Are there any guidelines for my content?
Our mPUSH specialists review all of our branding and content to ensure that they meet txtNation's and the ASA's standards. Promotions must be decent, legal, honest and not mislead. txtNation strongly believes in the importance of relevant, high-quality promotions, which benefits both our advertisers and our users.

What can I do to help maintain quality?
txtNation is committed to providing an optimal user experience as well as giving you the most effective advertising possible. To do this, we need the help of both our providers and our users. If you're a provider, you can help by creating concise, informative, and well-targeted listings. Since such content often generates the highest responses you'll see campaign performance improvements, and our users will see useful, informative ads.

Both users and advertisers can help us by reporting any ad quality concerns to

Will my individual information be shared with txtNation's partners?
No. The information you provide us with will only be used by txtNation, in an effort to serve you better. We will not sell your personal information. Furthermore, we will not share your personal information, unless required to resolve a charge dispute or by legal process.

Which industries does mPUSH serve?
Mobile Phone Users
Content Owners & Providers


Request Information
Our excellent customer service and product 'know-how' allow our customers to make the right decisions.

Phone: 07092 004066
Fax: 07092 004066


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