White Label Site: Custom Mobile Storefront Solutions
We offer the best in white-labelled mobile storefronts (using an mPUSH skin) to display, promote and sell any type of mobile content including graphics, ringtones, games and other mobile applications. This is built on top of our award-winning platform and includes connectivity to all the major networks and carriers across Europe . The product is available either as a complete customer-facing solution, providing Web and WAP interfaces, or as a back-end service for existing Web or WAP sites.

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Example uses:

Our mobile storefront allows you to sell your content simple and quickly

Robust content management platform with support for all content types including images, sound effects, games, polyphonic ringtones, and master tones

Turnkey Web and WAP-based storefront application

Sophisticated browse and search capabilities including: 'Top 10' lists, featured artists, new and exclusive content, and ringtone preview

Supports any promotional and marketing-based offers

Full support for the latest digital rights management (DRM) technology

Wide-ranging device support for most handsets from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, Siemens, Sanyo, LG, NEC and Panasonic

Give your customers what they want most - your original content direct to their mobiles

Your mobile storefront includes designs based on your chosen skin - giving the look and feel of your brand

Your Mobile Storefront offers end-users credit card, premium SMS and premium rate phone billing options. Create your price points for your content so you make it fully available to mobile content customers (minimums apply).

This powerful white-label offering supports the full range of media types and handsets, serving each handset with a distinct catalogue according to its specifications. Easy-to-use wizards profile users and ensure that purchased content is always available. Our mobile storefront also supports configurable content pricing models, content analysis, traceable cross-carrier delivery and an effortless method for payment via billing system integration with all carrier partners. Also included is a media licensing system to track fees that are distributed to licensees based on purchased content.

These high-end solutions empower your website with a new breed of mobile services, giving you an instant advantage over the competition.

Instant implementation

High revenue generation

Integrate with your existing systems

See results and statistics in real-time

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